Think of tuxedos and almost always weddings come to mind. Our little guy on the left was found in a consignment shop and is "hand  work" on linen probably dating to the 1920's. The morning coat with a striped trouser was the in look of the day. The formal wear decisions  of today are not so simple. With all the choices in style, accessories, color, and more you need advice that follows years of experience. Factor those options with all the options of time, locations, theme, etc. and you really need help and direction in making your formal wear decision.  We will guide you in making a comfortable decision and the correct choice for your event.
Our "steps" in guiding you through
the formal wear decision are really
quite simple:

  • start with an appointment
  • have your "list" in hand
  • bring us your ideas
  • if there are styles, items,
    or accessories that you
    do not want be sure to express it first
  • beware that changes are acceptable--this is a big and lasting decision
  • ask for samples--we
    can have a sample in a
    few days
  • schedule a return trip
    if needed
  • make your decision and leave the rest to us

The Decision